Terra Pants Pattern by Pattern Fantastique


The Terra is a classically featured suit style pant. With deep front tucks, volume plus and a great shape. A lot of love and attention has gone into the cut to offset and accentuate the pant size.
The pattern has the option of patch or welt back-pockets. The sloped waistband sits lower at the front and rises to nestle into the small of your back.
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Out of stock

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The Terra has two fit options;
High waisted – Choose a size down. This gives a neat femme 50’s style fit.
Mid-rise waist – Cut to size. This gives a slouchier man style fit.

Intermediate / Advanced
6 -16 multisized patterns
Wool Suiting, Denim, mid to heavyweight Cotton, Velvet, Corduroy and mid to heavyweight Linen.


Main Fabric – Minimum width 115 cm  x 220 cm
Pocketing    – Minimum width 115 cm  x 50 cm
Interfacing   – Minimum width 115 cm  x 70 cm
Matching Thread
Optional Top Stitching Thread
18 cm fly zip
22 mm Button or Press Stud