Portrait Sublime Floss Embroidery Palette by Sublime Stitching


The exclusive range of Sublime Floss™ embroidery floss color palettes! Every palette has seven, 8.75 yd (8 metre) skeins of the finest quality, six-strand embroidery floss. Each palette tells a story, and every color is a character! (There are also secret messages on the paper bands.)

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Extra long staple fibers
  • Mercerized, colorfast and fade resistant

PORTRAIT: Milk Maid • Peachy Cheek • Lip Gloss • Bronzer • Silky Cocoa • Smoky Eye • Eyeliner

Colors not sold individually at this time.


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Sublime Floss™ is extra long staple (35-36mm), 100% Egyptian cotton. It has a nice sheen, is smooth and soft, separates easily and needs no pre-conditioning. It is a slightly finer thread, which means that any stitcher can begin working with it immediately –no separating required.

Even the most experienced stitchers can be intimidated by color choices. There may be thirteen pinks, twenty blues…Color coordinating takes a lot of pre-planning and trial and error. These palettes have been painstakingly selected to complement one another and lend a cohesive look to any project. Parlour for dark and rich designs, Frosting for fun and sweet projects. Easy for the newbie, fun for the veteran.