Knit Pro Basix Birch Double Pointed Knitting Needles


Gorgeous, strong and light birch wood needles from Knit Pro.

20cm (8″) long.

Each pack contains five needles.

  • Easy stitch glide and no snagging
  • Provides hours of pleasurable knitting with no hand fatigue
  • Warm to the touch, and gentle in the hand

Additional information

Needle Width

2mm US 0, 2.25mm US 1, 2.5mm US 1.5, 2.75mm US 2, 3mm US 2.5, 3.25mm US 3, 3.5mm US 4, 3.75mm US 5, 4mm US 6, 4.5mm US 7, 5mm US 8, 5.5mm US 9, 6mm US 10, 6.5mm US 10.5, 7mm US 10.75, 8mm US 11, 9mm US 13