Hemp Chambray in Red by Merchant & Mills

$42.00 per metre

This looks like your classic chambray but with added eco credentials! It is made from a blend of organic cotton/hemp and then hemp and organic cotton yarns that are taken from garment leftovers. Although the yarn is red because it is woven with white it has slightly pink look. You could use this for tops, dresses, shirts and trousers.

30% Hemp  25% Organic Cotton 45% Recycled Hemp and Organic Cotton Yarns
Width: 143cm
Made in China
OEKO Tex and GOTS certified

Sold in 10cm increments
(ex. .3 = 30cm, 1.3 = 130cm, etc)
Minimum cut: 20cm

13.5 in stock

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More about Hemp: 

Hemp and marijuana are both the same species of plant separated only by selective breeding. Hemp is extremely durable, up to three times stronger than cotton. It’s soft to touch, and can hold its shape well. Hemp is naturally breathable and highly water absorbent. 

It is hypo-allergenic, UV resistant, anti-fungal and thermoregulating. 

Eco credentials: 

Hemp behaves and looks much like linen. It is also grown and processed in a similar way, yet it can yield twice as much fibre as flax. It has a short growing period of about 100 days and so can be planted and harvested up to four times a year. The cultivation process naturally reduces pests and returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes into the soil. It requires little water or pesticides and no fertilisers. It is the most carbon negative crop, absorbing more carbon dioxide than it produces.