GT1 Green Tea Dyed Cotton Thread by NONA Temari & Natural Dye


Ideal for handcrafts such as Embroidery, Sashiko, Kogin, Darning, Japanese book binding, Tassel, Pompom, Cross stitch, Kumihimo, Yubinuki, Wrapping presents, Temari base wrapping, Temari embroidery, Jewellery making etc.

Beautifully coloured cotton threads, hand dyed with 100% natural material each with their own story. NONA, a handcrafted, natural dye and temari studio/shop in Tokyo, pick weeds or grow seasonal plants and gather fallen leaves and twigs local to Japan.

100% cotton

Count (thickness of thread): equivalent to DMC embroidery floss no.25 3/6

Naturally hand dyed with Green Tea

Approx. 12.5 metres

Made in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo, Japan

Store away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

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NONA creates art works by corresponding the nature and own sense. To create natural-dye colors with plants is to receive the life from nature again.

To make a traditional temari is like traveling the time. NONA wants to create something new yet you feel years passed through somewhere in it.

9 is one before 10. It’s considered as imperfect in Japan. Because it is not perfect, it will continue forever. NONA will travel the pass by challenging new possibilities.

To live with temari and enjoy the journey of life naturally leads to pass the culture to the next generation in the end.