DIY Advent Calendar Numbers by Maze & Vale


A set of numbers 1 through 25 digitally printed in four colour choices on a pure white linen/cotton canvas to help you create the perfect advent calendar for your family.

Available in Silver Grey or Golden.

Each circle (to outer dotted line) is approximately 4cm ( 1.5″) across and there is a larger version of number 25 included in case you really want to highlight the big day.

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Handmade advent calendars are gorgeous and so fun to fill with neat activities or treats. there are a ton of different styles and most are pretty easy to make but adding the numbers is always a bit tricky. with this panel, each number has a dotted line surrounding it to aid in trimming them out, then simply sew them by hand or machine (or glue them) onto your pocket or bag calendar.

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Silver Grey, Golden