GARAGE SALE Bye Bye Birdie Cotton Bias Tape in Navy by Atelier Brunette


GARAGE SALE this bias binding was created with the wrong side of the fabric out, so the print doesn’t look as sharp as it should.

• Atelier Brunette bias tape in 100% cotton lawn
• 1cm (10mm) finished width when folded
• Machine wash at 30°

Sold by the metre in 10cm increments
(ex. .3 = 30cm, 1.3 = 130cm, etc)

Minimum cut: 20cm

14.6 in stock


Atelier Brunette has developed an entire range of bias bindings that match each and every fabric in the collection. This excellent quality, cotton bias tape allows for making professional finishes and unique designs when making clothing and accessories.

Please note: wooden spool not included.