Envelopes Quilt Pattern by Carolyn Friedlander

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Envelopes quilt pattern is a fun take on correspondence with fabric. Use fabrics to tell your story or leave messages inside your envelopes–this project is a perfect platform for expression!

Pattern features 2 paper-pieced block sizes—small and large—that can be used together or separately. Create a signature quilt with the larger block, or employ fussy cutting to both. Paper piecing, fussy cutting, basic embroidery and much more are included in the pattern.

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Project Size(s): 24”x24” and 24”x30” Fabric: Works with 5″-squares Techniques: beginner foundation paper piecing, basic piecing, embroidery (for signature version) Pattern Extras: two block sizes, how-to instructions with illustrations–including how to fussy cut when paper piecing, basic embroidery, directions for making a hanging sleeve