5.5cm Miniature Embroidery Brooch Kit by Dandelyne


5.5cm/2.2” DIY KIT with brooch back

It’s the unique Dandelyne miniature embroidery hoop – and the crowd roars! Be a part of the mini hoop community that is forever growing … stitching small but having a LARGE impact.

They are made from a top, TOP, top quality ply wood and hand finished.

You can embroider, cross stitch, applique, or create whatever your heart desires and frame it with my teeny tiny hoop. The options are endless … yes indeedy.

• 5.5cm/2.2” miniature embroidery hoop
• screw and 2 bolts
• backing piece and centre plate
• brooch back

*** The hoop is designed for jewellery (or craft) purposes and cannot be used as a regular embroidery hoop ***

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